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Canal Crossing

General Information
Neighborhood: Lafayette
Redevelopment Area: Canal Crossing
Type: Mixed-Use Residential
Status: Board Approved

Project Description
In January of 2009, the City of Jersey City adopted the Canal Crossing Redevelopment Plan which set forth a vision for a new mixed use community. The plan calls for pedestrian scale streets, green construction, a new light rail stop, increased affordable housing opportunities, and improved infrastructure.
In order to further the redevelopment efforts of this area, in November of 2010 the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) was awarded a US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities Challenge Grant and a US Department of Transportation (DOT) TIGER II Infrastructure Planning Grant. Totaling nearly $2.3 Million, the purpose of the grants is to conduct stakeholder outreach and planning for infrastructure financing and land readjustment, survey and lay out a new street grid, engineer new infrastructure, and study the feasibility of a new light rail stop.

Canal Crossing is a 111-acre neighborhood in Jersey City surrounded by a residential population of predominately minority households with high unemployment and high poverty rates. Revitalization of this area is hampered by outdated infrastructure, including: dilapidated combined sewer infrastructure that is more than 100 years old; insufficient water mains; large tracts of contaminated industrial wastelands; a road system that fails to provide sufficient linkages for pedestrian access to the region's regional rail networks; and a lack of open space amenities.
However, Canal Crossing is located in the midst of a thriving urban area and also represents an opportunity for local stakeholders to transform an entire neighborhood into a livable and sustainable community.

Thanks to this generous funding, the JCRA was afforded the opportunity to lead a team of partners working to address the outdated infrastructure and to design new components to the neighborhood, including streets and open space. These grants have funded the development of:
·      Infrastructure Financing Plan and Land Readjustment White Paper
·      New boundary and topographic surveys;
·      An evaluation of expanding and improving the existing Garfield Avenue Light Rail Station; and
·      Preliminary schematics, conceptual designs, and cost estimates for roadways, bike paths, sidewalks, streetscapes, open space, and water and sewer lines.
These planning documents will guide the redevelopment of Canal Crossing.  

For further information, please contact Benjamin Delisle, Director of Development at the JCRA at or (201) 547-5604. 


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